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We both understand that you enjoy being back home. Here the bed feels just right, food is spoon-fed hot and the air smells fresher than any corner of the world you’ve been thrown to. But before you make the trip back home, I want you to understand a small list of things.

  1. Understand that the home you yearn for is a reconstruction in your mind and does not exist anymore in physical space.
  2. Understand that the parents you yearn for are a reconstruction in your mind and do not exist anymore in physical space.
  3. Understand that, once home, you will fall back into habits that you so desperately tried to get rid of.
  4. Understand that no matter how long you stay home, you cannot win against the unrelenting march of time.

Keeping these things in mind, consider a more pragmatic approach:

  1. Life does not give the luxury of satisfaction. Staying home is suffering. Leaving home is suffering. Choose the more noble of the two.
  2. Accept that you are trying to get along with a father and mother whose outlook on life can never reasonably align with our own.
  3. Create value by increasing scarcity. Visit less, but with more intent.
  4. Cherish the memories already made and openly embrace new ones.